Backyard Birding in Northern Arizona - the book that everyone must have.


“Backyard Birding in Northern Arizona" is an entertaining and informative resource for bird and nature lovers and anyone who is curious about why watching birds is so rewarding.”  -DENNIS TOMKO, President, Northern Arizona Audubon Society

“Margaret Dyekman has delighted Munds Park residents for years with stories about backyard, casual birding in northern Arizona. In this book you will meet real people and share their birdwatching experiences. The beautiful photographs bring the words in print to life.” -SHARON EMERY, Publisher and Editor, The Pinewood News

“A welcome addition to information about the birds of northern Arizona. From this attractive book residents and visitors can learn about and appreciate the birds in their backyards and surrounding areas.” -JANET WITZEMAN, co-author of Birds of Phoenix and Maricopa County, Arizona

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Workshop and Book Comments

Love the book!


"Love the book - thank you!  I keep it on my coffee table for handy reference and for my out-of-town visitors."

Learned so much!


"I am new to Arizona and learned so much about my new yard birds at your workshop."

Beautiful photos!


"Your photographers do justice to the beauty of the birds.  Thank you!"

Thanks for the ID!


"Thank you for helping me figure out what bird this was on my deck in Forest Highlands!"

Bird seed help . . .


"I will switch to black-oil sunflower seeds as a result of your presentation - I want to see more grosbeaks!"

The audience loved it!


"Your presentation was great and kept everyone entertained while they were learning.  Please come back next year!"